Prospective Members

NAEIR Membership Features
  • 12-Month Premier Plan-Our Premier membership gives members full access to all of NAEIR’s catalogs, online merchandise and big-ticket lottery items. It’s designed for midsize to large organizations with the ability to creatively use a variety of items to fill big needs and support their operations.
  • 10-Month Premier-This membership option is ideal for schools that are not in session during the summer.
  • Basic Plan-This convenient membership is ideal for small organizations looking for an easy way to stretch their budget and support their operations with a little extra stuff.
  • Tiered Plan-This discounted membership is for organizations with multiple locations, branches or departments. To qualify, you must have a regular 12-month Premier membership at your primary location. Additional locations pay only a $250 Annual Fee for all the benefits of a Premier membership. Contact a NAEIR Representative for more details.